Otus Hobst
music composer / producer

About me...

Profile Iam a freelance composer / producer with focus on game soundtracks. I can also do movies and trailers but my heart lies within the game industry.

My focus is mainly on darker kind of music. Genre-wise ranging from electronical through rock to epic. But I think that my compositions speak for themselves. Feel free to check them out below or in music section! If you want to check out my previous projects go to credits!

As you know during the years soundtracks have become more important than ever. A lot of people will consider the game or movie good or bad depending on its atmosphere and besides storyline and visuals, music is one of the most important pieces in this puzzle. It just needs to have the right mood for the environment, the right depth, and of course the right dynamics. And that is where a music composer steps in. If you are interested in my services be sure to contact me!

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